Conservation laws and hunting ethics are two sides of the same coin. Do away with either and we do away with hunting.


The Zimbabwe Hunters Association (ZHA) is a legally constituted Association formed in 1947 to represent the citizen hunters in Zimbabwe.


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Nyakasanga Fishing Camp

Nyakasanga camp is run by the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association. The site is well shaded by tall riverine trees and has great views of the Zambezi. There are seven comfortable tents with two shower/toilet areas and a very efficient hot water system for the showers and kitchen. The dining room is attached to a monkey-proof pantry block with sinks and good washing up facilities, all under asbestos.

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RIFA Conservation Education Camp

At the RIFA Conservation Education Camp in Chirundu the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association has a successful program of introducing young people to a 'hands on' bush experience.

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